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GRAPHIC DESIGN is all around us. It is a part of our daily lives. From the newspapers that we read, to the billboards that we see, to the products that we buy, to the theatre tickets and dinner menus - all these pieces utilize a form of visual communication that translates ideas into words and images that convey information.

The role of a graphic designer is to effectively communicate messages through the artful manipulation of typography and imagery to an intended audience. It's a creative process that combines art with computer technology in rendering content into meaningful visual forms.

The Graphic Design program at Santa Monica College is designed to provide you with an exceptional creative environment. Our goal is to develop your conceptual thinking skills and become good visual communicators and balance those skills with computer proficiency. We want you to come out of our Graphic Design program with a visual vocabulary that is strong in the formal principles of design, enabling you to solve design problems with clear, conceptual thought.

Welcome to the Graphic Design Program at Santa Monica College!


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Graphic Design Program
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